Our Products
Absorbable Sutures
STARCRYL Polyglycolic Acid
STARCRYL 910 Polyglactin 910
Non Absorbable Sutures
STARSILK Black Braided Silk
STARLENE Monofilament Polypropylene
STARLON Monofilament Polyamide
STARBOND Braided & Coated Polyester
Surgical Mesh
STAR Surgical Mesh - Monofilament Polypropylene
STAR Hernia Kit
New Products
STAR MonoCryl-Monofilament Polyglecaprone 25
STAR PDS-Monofilament Polydioxanone
About Us
A saga of commitment to human welfare & a healing bond...

Fine Surgicals is a privately owned healthcare company headquartered in Bangalore, India was established with an objective to serve the human society with High quality products, professional & technical support.

It Specializes in Manufacturing, Trading & Contracting business of Medical Devices, Surgical Sutures & Surgical implant PP mesh specialties with innovative design & high quality products, professional & technical support.

The company motto is "to serve the medical community everywhere with high quality medical products at exceptional prices - to anticipate the expectations of our consumers & customers and to respond creatively & competitively with professional service that raise the quality of life & there by enriching the human society by acting as a healing bond. "

Driven by human values & powered by state-of-the-art in-house R&D labs all our products are manufactured with sophisticated technologies in world class facilities using medical grade & biocompatible raw materials in conformance to International Quality standards.

The Products are manufactured in CE / ISO certified plants using GMP standards & are tested as per ISO / CE standards. This in addition to its ceaseless pursuit for innovation has made Fine Surgicals a force to reckon within the global healthcare industry.

The Strengh of Fine Surgicals is its exceptionally broad product line in Surgical Sutures & Mesh catering to the wide spectrum of healthcare industry. The Coming years will see further significiant addtions to this line by expanding and diversifing into other related areas. Fine Surgicals is shortly launching several new products like bone wax, liga clips, micro porous non woven tapes which are in development & plans to expand its core technologies into an even broader spectrum of healthcare applications in the future.

Honed by experience and achievement, Fine Surgicals marches ahead into the future with the realization that it is an endless journey towards relentless pursuit of human well being, while reaffirming its commitment to the environment, to people & a healthier future. This is Fine Surgicals road to sustainable and profitable growth and long-term value creation for its customers.
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