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Star Surgical Mesh is made of Non- absorbable monofilament Polypropylene using high-tech modern knitting machines in clean rooms maintaining high quality standards. The mesh have been tested for Bursting Strength, Elasticity & Bio-compatibility after Implantation and found to be meeting all the standards. Non Absorbable & Monofilament polypropylene Mesh is constructed of knitted filaments of Extruded Polypropylene .This is the same material used in Sutures & has been reported to be non-reactive and to retain its strength indefinitely. These Meshes are ultrasonically cleaned and packed in internationally acceptable standard pouches, with EO sterile proof. Further all edges of the mesh is laser sealed to avoid post surgical inconvenience. Our Mesh has excellent tissue integration and abdominal wall reinforcement. Star Surgical Mesh is an advanced polypropylene mesh with a smooth wall surgical mesh, composed of ultra pore, polypropylene monofilaments, known for their biological inertness and high tensile strength. The Pore size of Star Surgical Mesh optimizes the mechanical attachment of fibrous tissue in growth .In addition, the knit structure chosen for Star Surgical Mesh has a significantly lower profile that makes the mesh more formable , easier to handle & ultimately more comfortable for the patient. Star Surgical Mesh is thinner, smoother & easier to position than other higher profile Polypropylene mesh products
Material Technical Specifications & Advantages
Material: Non Absorbable & Extruded Monofilament Polypropylene

Thickness : 0. 575 mm

Light Weight Construction: Less Foreign mass & flexible scar tissue

Burst Strength: 11 kg /cm2

Bio compatible: Approved for strong tissue incorporation

Resist Bacterial Colonization: Construction allows fluid flow through

Ideal Porosity: Macroporous for high visibility & colonization

High Strength: For permanent support, durability & conformity.

Flexible: Recovers to original shape for any anatomic placement & secure bond

Long term stability: No Shrinkage,

Pre Cut Sizes: Can be readily customized.

Sterilization: EO Pass

Price: Economical ,

Delivery: Maximum lead time 3 to 4 weeks.


Star Surgical Mesh are knitted in the following different patterns & types used for  abdominal wall reinforcement & for the repair of inguinal& incisional hernias.

Star SM 1 - A Dense & Thick pattern knitted mesh

Star SM 2 An Ultra Thin pattern knitted mesh

Star SM 3 A Light & Elastic pattern knitted mesh

Star SM 4 A Regular & Medium pattern knitted mesh

Precut Sizes:
Star Surgical Mesh are available in the following standard precut sizes

Star SM 611 Dimension 6 cm x 11 cm - Packing 6 Sheet / Box

Star SM 715 Dimension 7.5 cm x 15 cm - Packing 6 Sheet / Box

Star SM 151 Dimension 15 cm x 15 cm - Packing 3 Sheet / Box

Star SM 303 Dimension 30 cm x 30 cm - Packing 1 Sheet / Box

Other Sizes & Packing is available on request.
Products are available with customers own brand name if order is in sizable Qty.

Star Surgical Mesh Plugs & Patches work best when the surrounding walls of tissue come in direct contact with a smooth wall of highly complaint mesh support material.

Unlike other pre-shaped plugs the Star Surgical Mesh plugs innovative, self expanding design maximizes surface contact and better conforms to the size and shape of the defect to fill it completely.

Preformed polypropylene mesh plugs & patches used for surgical treatment of groin hernias with anterior access.

Pre Shaped light weight PP meshes for hernia repair that is perfectly laser finished borders & with a channel for the spermatic cord.

We welcome new development designs in plugs /patches & suggestions to improve our existing products .We welcome OEM orders for bulk requirements.
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